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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Need More Energy? Want To Lose Weight? Want To Just Feel Great?? Check Out Spark From Advocare!

A friend recently allowed me to try out Spark, from Advocare, and I just have to share it with you! Loaded with vitamins, and in a great fruit punch taste, this was a great experience by far. I didn't know what to expect trying this, but at this point I'd try just about anything to have that extra energy I've been looking for, and to lose weight at the same time, without feeling jittery or trembly afterwards.

Spark provided exactly what I was looking for! I replaced my morning coffee with it (though I did sneak a cup a little later - I love my coffee! Lol!), and it was easy to mix, smooth going down, and the fruit punch flavor was actually very pleasant, unlike so many other things I've tried. You're recommended to drink it on an empty stomach, so I thought I'd be feeling jittery or sick shortly after, but I felt GREAT. About half an hour after drinking it I had a Slim Fast bar, just to be sure the vitamins didn't upset my stomach. (Some people are sensitive to this, so should eat a little something.)

Normally a few hours after waking, I'm already tired. I sleep poorly, and take medication for insomnia, so I normally start crashing very early. But after this I didn't feel tired in the least! My day started at 6:30 AM, so I drank this around 7:00 AM, and didn't feel tired in the least until about 8:00 PM! I was amazed to feel so great so long! The energy wasn't the kind that makes you almost hyper, ready to bounce off the walls or run a marathon. It was a subtle kind of energy that keeps you peppy, ready to take on the day, and much better focused than when you're tired all day. Being such a subtle energy, there was NO crashing at all! By the end of the day it very gradually wore off, and I started to feel slightly sleepy, as anyone would from a day's work. 

I would highly recommend this to ANYONE looking to fee more AWAKE, ALERT, ENERGETIC, and just GREAT all around. And to ANYONE that would like to LOSE WEIGHT! I always want to get out and exercise, takes walks, etc, but am always too tired to motivate myself properly. With this I was well ready to get off my rear, and get out the door! 

Here are a few before and after shots three others that have been trying Spark too:-)


If you are interested in receiving a sample, and questions, or purchasing Spark, please contact Amanda via er Facebook: Amanda Hughes 

For nutritional info on Spark here is a list of the info I have:
Calories: 45
Total Carbs: 11g
Sugars: 0
Total Fat: 0
Sodium: 0
Vitamin C: 300%
Vitamin E: 100%
Thiamine: 200%
Riboflavin: 200%
Niacin: 300%
Vitamins B-6: 750%
Vitamins B-12: 750%
Pantothenic Acid: 500%
L-Tyrosine/Phenylalanine: 500mg
Choline: 500mg
Taurine: 200mg
GABA: 50mg
Total Caffeine: 120mg

Thank you Amanda for the great experience, and for allowing me to share some info on this with my readers!


  1. It sounds good, but I have to take a lot of medications so without further research as far as potential side-effects (b/c of all of my meds) I would be kind of scared to try it. I'm going to try and look into it though. Heck, even if I can't take it, I know others who probably would!

  2. I've been making sure to take my vitamins regularly! This sounds interesting.