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Thursday, January 1, 2015

MAJOR Sale At Bath & Body Works!

It's time for Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale! They have a number of items that are only $3! There is also a code for $10 off of an order of $40! PLUS - If you sign up for a new Ebates account you can get a $10 gift card of your choice, just for making an order through them with Bath & Body Works! 

So here's the deal, go SIGN UP FOR EBATES HERE!! After you do that, search for Bath & Body works and open the site through the Ebates page. The sales are listed on their site. Add $40 or more to your cart, and when you go to check out, add promotional code: F144726

Ta-da! You've just saved a TON of money, and will have a gift card on the way to your mailbox, thanks to Ebates! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sears Is Having A Boot Sale! – Lots of Women’s Boots Are At $10+, Along With Free In-Store Pickup!

Sears Is Having A Boot Sale! – Lots of Women’s Boots Are At $10+, Along With Free In-Store Pickup!


 Sears.com is having a huge sale on a number of Women’s Boots starting from $10.00 listed below. Spend $20 or More and save an additional 25% off Women’s & Kids’ Shoe with promo code SHOE25 (apply at checkout). Don't forget you can use the free ship to store!

Home Depot: 6.5 ft Pre-Lit Pine Tree just $13.75 Shipped (Normally $54.99!)

Home Depot: 6.5 ft Pre-Lit Pine Tree just $13.75 Shipped (Normally $54.99!)

Home Depot has a GREAT price on a couple of their trees! Grab either of these for $13.75 with FREE shipping! These would be great for next year if you need one, or if you know someone in need of one! 6.5 ft Pre-Lit Verde Pine Tree with Multi-Colored Lights OR  6.5 ft. Pre-Lit Verde Pine Tree with Clear Lights 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Free Schick Razor!!

Check out this hot freebie! Just text SCHICK to 24444! Then follow the link and fill out your info. It's quick and easy!

Free Seeds You Say? Yes Please!!

Check out this great freebie from Burt's Bees! 

Wags Trip 6/17

Hello again to whomever happens to be bored enough to read this;-) I happened to throw in a quick trip to Walgreens today, before taking our little lady to her piano lesson! For being in a rush, and for Wags being out of most everything I looked for, I did ok I guess, lol. And it only took me 12 transactions (and my favorite cashier!)...

I know it's not a huge haul, so let me start by reminding you that they were out of most everything I looked for! That being said, you might want to watch out for these couple deals I did NOT get...yet;-) They have 3 12 packs of Pepsi products on sale this week for $10. MOST Walmarts (I'm uncertain about other stores), have peelies for $2 off 3 12 packs on their 24 cases of Pepsi products. Using this at Wags, with their deal, means 3 for $8! It's about $7 for a case of 24 here, so that's a great deal! The other deal I missed goes like this: Pick up 4 of the Wags brand bottles of peroxide, on sale for 99cents each. It's rumored that they are also buy 3, get one free, though I didn't see it advertised anywhere, so don't hold me to that! Anyhow, the first aid kit bags (build your own kit, these are just the bags), are free, with the purchase of 2 Wags first aid items (the bags are normally $4.99). So with the 4 peroxide you get 2 free bags. WITH the purchase of 1 bags, you get 2,000 points! Unfortunately we only had 1 bag left in stock. That lone bag is still there... Waiting for the next truck to come in, hopefully bringing it a few friends, so I can give them a home when I visit them next;-) For the rest of the deals, my transactions went like this:

Transaction 1: H+Care Hemorrhoid Cream (You might not need this, but it gets the RRs rolling!) (On sale for $7, get back a $7 RR!)
- 5,000 points I redeemed
Total after tax: $2.38 + Received $7 RR

Transaction 2: Kios Upset Stomach Relief (On sale for $7, get back a $7 RR!)
- $3 Kios Upset Stomach Relief Coupon (Making this a $3 MM!)
Reach Advanced 2-Pack (On sale for $2.99, get back a $2 RR)
(I messed up here and didn't mean to toss in the Reach, because I couldn't use the coupon in this transaction because it was over the amount after using the RR from the previous transaction...Oops!)
Jordana Black Pencil Eyeliner (On sale for 39cents)
- $7 RR from the last transaction
Total after tax: 95cents + Received $7 RR

Transaction 3: H+Care Hemorrhoid Cream
- $7 RR from the last transaction
Total after tax: 38cents + Received $7 RR

Transaction 4: Kios Upset Stomach Relief 
- $7 RR from the last transaction
Total after tax: 38cents + Received $7 RR

Transaction 5: H+Care Hemorrhoid Cream
- $7 RR from the last transaction
Total after tax: 38cents + Received $7 RR

Transaction 6: Kios Upset Stomach Relief
- $7 RR from the last transaction
Total after tax: 38cents + Received $7 RR

Transaction 7: H+Care Hemorrhoid Cream
- $7 RR from the last transaction
Total after tax: 38cents + Received $7 RR

Transaction 8: Kios Upset Stomach Relief
- $7 RR from the last transaction
Total after tax: 38cents + Received $7 RR

Transaction 9: Reach 2 Pack
- $2 off any Reach 2 pack
Total after tax: $1.15 + Receive a $2 RR

Transaction 10: Reach 2 Pack
- $2 off any Reach 2 pack
Total after tax: $1.15 + Receive a $2 RR

Transaction 11: 2 Biotene Dry Mouth Gum (On sale for $1.99, and BOGO 1/2 Off)
- $2.50 off 2 Biotene coupon
Total after tax: 64 cents

Transaction 12: 2 Biotene Dry Mouth Gum (On sale for $1.99, and BOGO 1/2 Off)
- $2.50 off 2 Biotene coupon
Total after tax: 64 cents 

Total spent OOP:  $9.19
Total RR I Left With: $13
Total Saved: $96.72

Though it was small, I would consider that a nice little trip! I can't wait to see if everything else is restocked after Tuesday! :-)

 Ohhh, and the tiny bar of soap? That was a sample! They had a few they were supposed to put out awhile back, and since they forgot them behind the counter, my awesome cashier told me about them and grabbed me one! She's such a sweetie!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shopping Free! - 6/15

                I started out today ready to hit up a few great deals I'd waited longer than I should have to hit... But while I missed some, I did find a few others that I couldn't snag on my last trip to the city;-D The shelves had been cleared in each of 6 Walgreens a few days ago, but thankfully, the lone Walgreens in the little town down the road, isn't exactly swarming with couponers! 

Despite my high hopes for Walgreens today, I decided to stop by Walmart first, and take care of a few stragler coupons I had left for some possible overages (providing they had restocked anything lately - it's also in the small town, and product just doesn't churn out at the same pace as it does elsewhere, and so it isn't order in such high quantities either). Walmart proved to go better than expected! There was a VERY helpful woman stocking random items on the floor, that was beyond willing to take a break, and check in back for a couple things that were showing up in the system, but not on the floor yet. Another stroke of luck was seeing one of my favoriteeeeee cashiers had just started her shift! It's always reassuring knowing someone you KNOW knows the coupon policy is working and still will be by the time you're done hunting down your items! But enough of that... Here's how that little haul went:

Total before coupons and tax: $49.23

Total after? They PAID ME! Even after grabbing the bread and milk I needed, and a LOT of Glade, I made $12.99 when I was done!

Let me break this down a little:
There were 12 Glade Expressions Refills clearanced to $1 each. There were also 75cent off coupon peelies on the spring collection of Glade located on a large display near the normal glade isle. These only included the restrictions that they could not be used on Glade solids, or the 8 oz aerosols. (Yes, it was THAT specific!). Since the refills I was after are actually 7 oz, I decided to give them a try. They worked flawlessly! No beeps, no questions, no nothing:-) 
I bought 9 Chapsticks for 98cents each, and used 9 $1.50 coupons on them, giving me a 52cent overage!
There were two packs of toothbrush heads left that were $6.27 each (Most Walmarts have these cheaper for some reason.), and I used 2 $7 coupons on those. Leaving me a 73cent overage:-) 
The big coupons here, however, were the $4 Almay coupons. I bought the last stick of deodorant for $2.24, creating a $1.76 overage for that coupon, and I bought the last 6 I could find of the Almay Makeup Remover Pads for $1.14 each, leaving me a $2.86 overage per item! 

This has to be my favorite (though smaller) trip in quite some time!

Next, I decided to stop by Shopko to see what clearance they might have, since my remaining Almay coupons will be expiring after this weekend! (I realize Shopko isn't as large of a chain as most, and apologize to any of you that have noooo idea what I'm talking about!)Though they didn't have any good deals on their Almay, I did grab a couple other little things some of you might be interested in checking for!

Shopko had a couple very interesting colors of Sally Hanson clearanced to $1.49 each, and these NutraNail Perfect Manicure sets clearanced to $2.99, down from $11! 

Luckily for me, I had a few Sally Hanson $1 off coupons that I'd found some time ago at Walgreens (they are tear offs on some of their displays). Making each bottle only 49cents! When I saw the manicure sets clearanced, what really caught my eye was the edge of a coupon INSIDE the front of the pack... I opened the top, and sure enough, there are $2 off coupons inside of each one! So I took the coupons out of the two packs I wanted to buy, and brought them down to 99cents! My total came to $4.02, which I paid for with part of my Walmart overage!

Next, it was on to Walgreens. Unfortunately they were out of most things, but there was only one deal I REALLY wanted to hit anyhow! I had found the RIGHT diabetic coupon books there (Apparently a huge win at most Walgreens lately!), and they had a $10 off the Bayer NextEZ Glucose Meter, and the meters are on sale for $9.99, PLUS you get 2,000 points when you buy one! I grabbed 4, and did 4 separate transactions, gaining 8,000 points, without spending a dime. There wasn't even any tax! (And don't worry, I didn't buy something I don't need just for the points. I am giving two to family members that need a backup just in case, and will be finding the other two homes soon!)

After I was done with the Bayer meters, I had another deal I was lucky to see stocked! Walgreens has a couple Glade products on sale 3/$3! This includes these flat, Glade Decor things, that I loveeeee the smell of! I had 9 $1/1 Glade Decor coupons! I made a mistake here though... They also have those Gel style things that you twist and move the top up a little, and just set somewhere... They aren't technically Glade Decor products (or don't say it at least), but when I did the 3 separate transactions and it was their turn, the lady was kind enough to point it out, and say she'd try scanning it and see what happens anyhow. They scanned fine, AND when scanned, the wording for the coupon scanned was different than it had been for the other products. It said it was for those too, and she said she'd let it go since it didn't beep or show anything wrong. I asked if she was certain, and thanked her for her help. (She is always VERY helpful when I'm lucky enough to catch her working. I often leave her some of the freebies I get, as a thanks for her patience and willingness to help me.)

All of that rambling pretty much sums up my day... How was your last trip? Did you find any great deals? Use any good coupons? Or have anything else interesting happen? I love to hear about what happens on your trips too! I'll try to stay better updated on what I'm finding, and the deals that aren't advertised for you all! Happy shopping:-D

Free 8x10 Photo Collage From Wags!!

Free 8×10 Photo Collage at Walgreens


Use the coupon code DADCOLLAGE at checkout now, through Saturday, June 15th!
If you choose Pick Up At Store, this is completely FREE!! Enjoy!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Secret Clinical $1 At CVS!! (Check Your Store For Sale Price First!)

Secret Clinical Deodorant ONLY $1.00 at CVS!
Buy Secret Clinical Deodorant $4.00 (Sale Price—Check your store)!
Use $3/1 Secret Clinical (SS 05/19/13 #2)
pay only $1.00!

FREE Month of Redbox Instant Streaming + 4 Free Rentals!!

Are you a fan of Redbox? If you've never used it - are you a fan of Netflix?? Redbox is now combining the awesomeness of it's $1.25 rentals from over 36,000 kiosks, with the in home convenience of streaming movies straight to your laptop, smart phone, ipad, or XBox 360! They are hoping to expand to even more platforms soon too! 

Before recommending this to anyone else, I decided to try it out myself. I live in a very rural area, and my internet connection can be flaky at times... But this has worked GREAT for me for almost a full month now! My free trial will be up in a few days, and this is one of very few things I've tried that I WILL be continuing my subscription to! 

For only $8 a month after the free trial, you get unlimited access to the streaming movies (the app and site are VERY easy to navigate too!), AND you get 4 free rental credits each month! I normally rent from Redbox each month anyhow, so for 4 movies at $1.25 each, plus tax, I would spend over $5 a month anyhow. For a couple extra dollars there are so many other movies I can watch, and the option to toss on some headphones and watch a movie from my phone or ipad when the husband is hogging the TV is a huge plus;-) 

Even if you find this isn't for you, it is VERY simple to unsubscribe! It takes a matter of seconds, and you don't have to call and argue with anyone about why you'd like to unsubscribe. A HUGE plus now a days... Lol! When you sign into the site it even tells you how long you have until you are billed again, so you don't forget or lose track of when your trial is up or your bill is due:-)