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Thursday, November 8, 2012

GIVEAWAY! Little Choo-Choo Needs A Home!

   So I promised a review and giveaway on the cute little train toy I picked up the other day.... And here it is:-) This toy is nothing fancy, no bells and whistles, no lights and sounds, but hey... no batteries! Lol! 

     I wanted to find something for a little boy that absolutely loves trains - but has a mother that does not. He has toys that make more noise than my smoke alarm does when I forget the brownies in the oven! (I'm not joking. That noise has been wretched a time or two...) He has toys that eat through batteries like they're cheap or something... What I found is a bit different, still held his attention, is helping him in his journey to learn to read through sounding out words, feeds his love of puzzles, and is quiet enough for him to play with inches from his mother, all while she gets to enjoy her reading:-)

  I'd like to introduce you to an aptly name little train - Little Choo-choo. There is a short book included that tells the story of Little Choo-Choo's day as he ventures out amongst some adorable animal friends, heads through a spooky tunnel, and makes his way back home to rest for his next adventure.

(I apologize for the poor picture quality. I had to play around with the pictures I took for this time and again to get the to stop uploading sideways... And no, they weren't sideways when I was uploading them. They just showed up that way afterwards. Lol!)

After you've read the story of Little Choo-Choo and his adventurous day, you can help create another adventure for him! You get your own Little Choo-Choo in the form of a small, wind-up train. While he can travel well on most surfaces, my favorite part of this set is the puzzle/track! You can put the pieces together to form whatever track you'd like to see him travel down, and there are grooves in the pieces to keep him on the right path! 
(See?? This one just will not load straight! I think Blogger may be having a bit of a hiccup in it's uploading tonight... Hmmm... Ah well... Now if you'll just turn your monitors sideways and take a quick look, we can continue! Lol!)

As you can see (sort of), in the photo above there are also a few cute little animal piece to be used. These actually come out of the squares they're shown in, and can stand around the track you create, to help cheer Little Choo-Choo along his way. There are also trees and houses to stand around the track, but I'm sure everyone here know that they don't cheer... Only the animals do right?? Well in this story at least! You could always sit in the background while your child plays with this and throw in some subtle oohs and ahhs as though they were actually cheering;-)

Now on to the good part! I have an extra one of these to give away to one of my fantastic readers! Just a little token of appreciation for those of you that take the time to follow my facebook, and read my blog! Now, let's get this Little Choo-Choo a new home, shall we? 

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