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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Nutcracker Music Game Review and Giveaway!

Looking for something to get the little ones this Christmas? The Nutcracker Music Game is an adorable, easy to play, children's game that they don't even have to win to love! Our 6 year old loves playing it already, and does pretty well at the games on it, as does her 4 year old cousin! I'm pretty certain it's safe to say they are utterly addicted to this game already!

The Nutcracker Music Game has 14 different areas for the kiddies to check out:

1. The Funky Monkey - I've often heard the saying "monkey see, monkey do", and this game seems to have been created around that saying. It also reminds me of Simon Says. The kids have to pay attention to what note is played, then copy it. It starts with one, then progresses to 2, 3, etc, each time they match it perfectly. Don't worry about this being too difficult. - There are four different levels to this game: Beginner, Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced.

2. The Nut House - This game shows you 8 crazy mirrors, that have moving designs when you mouse-over them. Each round will name a dance, after which you have to click the corresponding mirror correctly.

3. Tchaikovsky's Biography - This one isn't actually a game, but it is an informative biography of Tchaikovsky's that our little lady enjoyed me reading to her. She found it fascinating to learn about the person that created something she loves so much.

4. Find Me On The Tree - This game is even easier for the younger children, but I must admit I was amused playing it too. It shows a portion of a tree and three characters from the Nutcracker, and you have to click on the one on the tree that matches each character perfectly. There are small differences in each version on the tree. The wrong ones will have a difference as small as a different colored bow tie.

5. The Orchestra Game - This game with show you an empty stage, with a row of intruments along the bottom. When they play a noise you have to choose the instrument playing it. Our daughter enjoyed learning the different sounds many of these make, as it includes a nice variety of instruments.

6. Music Trivia - This is simply a collection of trivia about music. The answers are multiple choice, and it keeps track of how many you answer correctly and incorrectly.

7. Flying Instruments - In this game instruments fall slowly down the screen, and you have left and right arrows to move them from side to side. The goal is to stack 2 like instruments on top of each other, after which they disappear, leaving room for more.

8. Music Cards - This is perhaps our daughters favorite game on here. It's a small matching game. You get a set number of errors, and must match each pair without going over that amount. 

9. Musical Encyclopedia - This is an adorable encyclopedia of the instruments involved here, that uses cute little pictures, with well written information on each instrument.

10. The Listening Room - This room is exactly what it claims to be - a listening room. Kids can choose from a series of Nutcracker songs to listen to all they like. Our daughter and niece were dancing up their own "ballet" to this!

11. Children's Album Game - In this game you mouse-over each door to hear a song. Click on any door to enter that puzzle. You click a listen button to hear the music, and solve it by choosing the instruments used in the song.  

12. The Nutcracker Story - Here you can read The Nutcracker Story: In A Nutshell

13. The Nutcracker Ballet - Here you can read The Nutcracker Ballet: A Brief History     

14. The Nutcracker Game -  In this game you mouse-over each door to hear a song, and click the door you'd like to enter. Click the listen button t hear the music, then click stop to stop it. Each song is played by 4 instruments. You have to choose the correct 4 heard in the song. 


There isn't one part of this game that our daughter and niece did not love! It was simple enough for each of them to figure out alone, but interesting enough that I had a great time playing along with them! An added bonus was how well it loaded and played! The adorable little graphics might be simple, but it alleviates the issues of lag and freezing up that are so common with most other games. This was a HUGE help in holding the kids attention! Too often they've lost interest in other games waiting for them to load properly. 

Not only is this a blast to play, it also provides a chance to learn a lot in the music area. Before this game I could never have picked separate instruments out of an orchestra! Now my daughter and I try to beat each other to guessing the correct one! I would highly recommend this game to anyone, but especially to anyone that home schools, or teaches. This would be a big hit in a classroom! 

Please feel free to view the youtube videos I was provided with to show you the game process before you buy!

To top how great it was to review this game and recommend it to you, it's even BETTER to know that I not only get to share an opportunity to get this game for 40% off, but I also get to post a giveaway for one lucky reader to win!!

The giveaway will load below on a Rafflecopter form. Happy entering and good luck!

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  1. this looks like a fun, creative, unique game!

  2. Looks really cute! I have some nieces who'd want to play :)

  3. I love games that teach. I love music. I love games that teach about music.
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    slehan at juno dot com

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  5. This is a great little game and my three kids would really enjoy it =D
    Kaci Guisinger Harrison

  6. I think it would be a nice game to win for my niece. I don't have kids (can't have them) so have to spoil everyone else's!! lol