ndZf71un71YaadKJydXAobLayzI Bringing Home Paradise: Swagbucks


Have you tried Swagbucks yet? If not, you really should check them out! You can get swagbucks for things you do every day anyhow! Then you exchange your points for a huge selection of rewards. My favorite is the $5 Amazon Gift Card reward. It only takes 450 swagbucks and that is VERY easy to earn. You can take surveys, watch video clips, and play games to earn them. Or you can complete offers for places lots of us use anyhow! If you install the search bar (No, it's not one of those junk, hassle ones that some places require of you. It's completely optional and hassle free.), you can earn points just for searching the web with it! It's a great way to earn free stuff, and if you don't see anything you want you can earn as many Amazon Gift Cards and you have the ambition for! I haven't even been that active (Only due to some major computer issues!), and here's the top of my redeemed Gift Card list:

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