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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cute Planter From Candle Holder

I didn't have to do much of anything here, but after seeing how much my daughter loves growing her strawberries in this, I thought I would share with everyone so someone else might enjoy something similar!

I found this candle holder out at a rummage sale, and thought it would make the perfect hanging planter for her. So I brought it home, filled it with dirt, and planted them right away. And they are growing wonderfully!

 Again, I didn't do much, but I hope you enjoy this, and maybe it will spark a creative idea for someone else:-D

Sandpaper + Crayons = T-Shirt Art!

Our 6 year old daughter seems to draw the most adorable, interesting pictures I have ever seen:-) I couldn't be happier to know that she can use her talents to design her own t-shirt! All it takes is a piece of sandpaper, a t-shirt, and an iron. Here's how it works:
First, draw a picture of anything you like on the gritty side of the sandpaper. After it's drawn, be sure to go back over it heavily to be sure there is plenty of crayon wax there.
BE SURE TO NOTE: Anything you draw will transfer BACKWARDS to the t-shirt! I did NOT think about this before hand! Lol! After you're done drawing you can place the sandpaper, crayon side down, against the t-shirt. You will want to put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt under the area the paper is on so it doesn't bleed through to the back. Then place a dish towel over the sand paper and iron at a medium setting (WITHOUT STEAM!), and be sure to go over it well. After about 30 seconds you can peel the corner back lightly to be sure it's transferring - if it's not transferring well, turn up the heat a bit and iron it longer:-)
This is the result we got (again, the lettering is BACKWARDS, lol). After you're done ironing toss the shirt in the dryer for about 20 minutes to set the color. Be sure that the first time you wash this shirt you wash it alone. Enjoy!

Toddler Scribbles Make The Best Art!

So we have a 6 year old that LOVES to save every drawing she's ever made - including every page of scribbles she had ever made before learning to draw. So I wanted to find a way to put them to use. I saw a picture of something close to this, and decided to give it a go. I took about 5 sheets of plain paper, COVERED in scribbles of crayon, and cut them in half 3 times, getting 8 pieces of paper from each sheet. Then I cut two petals from each small sheet. (I simply stacked the pieces and cut a few at a time.) Then I used elmer's glue to glue them to a canvas I had blotted some paint on just testing out colors in a flower-like pattern. This was an old canvas from some time ago, so the paint was well dried. After I finished gluing each one in place I used a small sponge brush and lightly covered the entire piece in elmer's glue to help keep the edges down. It dried perfectly clear and didn't leave any residue.

Spicing Up An Old T-Shirt

While I was out yesterday I saw a woman in a shirt with tears across the back, and I thought to myself, "Wow, that looks kind of cute, but I wonder if there's a way to keep it from sagging were the cuts are..." So today I decided to attack one of my poor shirts for the sake of experimenting. I think it actually turned out quite well, and will definitely be wearing it soon! Here's how it went:
This is the shirt I chose. It had stretched a little funny in the wash one day, and I've been missing wearing it. Perfect for my first victim!
I then cut slits up and down each side.
Here's a better shot of the side spread wide so you can see the size of each cut and the distance between each cut. I didn't do anything specific here - just cut where I thought I would like it best.
It's a little hard to see here, but I pulled the second loop from the top under and over the first, then the next under and over that one, and so on and so forth until I reached the end. I then cut the last strip in half, and when I pulled those pieces through the last loop I double knotted each on its respective side so it couldn't come undone. And that's all there is to it! 
And this is the end result - with a tank top underneath. Both sides look like this, and it fits perfectly, with no distortion to the size. I love it! I'll be trying this with the back of a shirt soon!

Revamping An Old Oak Table

So we got a couple new end tables, and I finally get to get rid of the plain one I've been using. Something I've wanted to do for some time considering that a black rectangle "magically" appeared on it someday. My suspicions lie with my husband... But since I can't "prove" it, let's improve it:-) I couldn't simply throw it away, being that it is a nice oak table, despite its simple design. So I'm working on prettying it up a bit for my niece. Here's what I've done so far:
First I added a few removable stickers to the top, letting a couple small areas fold over the edges.
I missed taking a photo, but AFTER adding the stickers, I took a sander to the entire thing, so the paint would take better. It roughed up the edges of the stickers a little, but not enough to ruin it. Then I spray painted the entire table a flat black. It's more even than it appears here. I'll have to start taking photos with a better camera than my phone;-)
After allowing it to completely dry I removed the stickers, and ta-da! Oak butterflies:-) I still have to clear coat it, but I think I may add some colorful swirls or something of the sort first. I will be sure to post pictures of anything further I do, as I do it:-)

Facebook Troubles O,o

So it seems the Facebook troubles I've been having are never ending... I can't see ANYONE'S posts. No matter what I do. So I will be moving my page, permanently. I will post updates on this as I get things situated, but for now I will start posting here again, and sharing some great new things I've found, and some I've created:-) I look forward to getting things back up and running again, and hope you enjoy what I have to share!