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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I LOVE Dr.Oz! And You Should Too!!

I just wanted to share another Dr.Oz win with you, so you would know that if you're not already following him, you should be! He hosts giveaways all the time! AWESOME ones! I just got this in an email:
Yay Dr.Oz! Now, if you want to follow him head over here:
Pay attention to his posts, as the giveaways are fairly random, and good luck!

Friday, January 6, 2012

DON'T Try Saving With Savemore!

I know that months ago I would have said I enjoy this site, but that was BEFORE everything they've become, and NONE of it is a change for the better! I ordered a $10 Subway Gift Card on 11/6, and a $25 Autozone Gift Card on 11/14, and have NOT received either! I spoke with someone about a week before Christmas, and they swore the Subway card had been sent, and told me they would both be resent the NEXT DAY. I STILL have NOT received a thing! So I started looking into it.... This is what they've become:

PLEASE keep in mind when reading this, that these are ONLY complaints filed WITH THE BBB. NOT every complaint Savemore has received!

Then I decided to look into their FB page. I thought, Hey, most business are happy to try and appease their customers and help them out from a public page, especially since it's open for everyone to view. I am APPALLED at the lack of care, the sarcastic attitude, and the complete neglect to care what anyone is posting. I'm adding a few of my "favorite" examples, but please, check them out here: SaveMore On Facebook Be sure to browse the endless list of complaints before you ever think about wasting your time and money on this site. 

1: How does CVS not know they are "working with Savemore" to provide this deal?

2: No Savemore, thank you for your continuous, obvious sarcasm and poor attitude. PS - I enjoy the way you only argue being a "complete scam", and without even offering anything to back yourself up. EVER. She made it clear she received other purchases, as many of us did. Congrats on only being a partial scam.

3: Waiting on what? Shouldn't you have HAD what you're trying to sell? PS - I've received useless emails like these. They were false also.

4: It seems NO ONE gets through. I know I've been trying for the past 2 months. Never gotten through. Never gotten a call back. And I suppose I should further congratulate Savemore on completely neglecting to actually READ the post here, before replying and making their incompetence crystal clear.

5: Yay! Someone received something! Oh wait.... She didn't order just an envelope? Funny how people expect them to contain things! And this was resolved? Hmmm... Doesn't seem like it was Savemore.

6: Another item NOT received. And you're still waiting for cards to come in? Stop selling what you DON'T have! I wonder if anyone has called and asked is Barnes & Noble is actually working with Savemore? I might have to give them a call... Call it morbid curiosity. In the meantime, we can ponder the likelihood of the towels ever going out.

7: GO MELISSA! I WILL be doing the same. THANK YOU for giving everyone the heads up! I LOVE how Savemore considers this spam, yet their posts about their deals you'll never receive aren't classified as spam.... Hmmm... A lot to wonder about here... PS - Way to be polite to your "valued customer" again;-)

8: This is continued from the last picture - I can't get a screen shot as big as I would like sometimes! :-) Oh look, Savemore being an outright.... well I guess there are a number of words I could put there, but none of them is really blog-appropriate here;-)

9: This is another continuation of the last 2 pictures. If you're starting to wonder, YES, Stephani King IS my profile. See how they asked to assist me there? 6 hours ago as of my posting this? I have yet to receive ANY help;-) 


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Free $10 to Copious = FREEBIES!!

Hurry and check out Copious - it's like an online yard sale. EXCEPT - When you sign up HERE you get a free $10 Credit that makes MANY of the items FREE!! Go find something you like! I won't drag this post out, that way I can get it posted for you right away!