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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Revamping An Old Oak Table

So we got a couple new end tables, and I finally get to get rid of the plain one I've been using. Something I've wanted to do for some time considering that a black rectangle "magically" appeared on it someday. My suspicions lie with my husband... But since I can't "prove" it, let's improve it:-) I couldn't simply throw it away, being that it is a nice oak table, despite its simple design. So I'm working on prettying it up a bit for my niece. Here's what I've done so far:
First I added a few removable stickers to the top, letting a couple small areas fold over the edges.
I missed taking a photo, but AFTER adding the stickers, I took a sander to the entire thing, so the paint would take better. It roughed up the edges of the stickers a little, but not enough to ruin it. Then I spray painted the entire table a flat black. It's more even than it appears here. I'll have to start taking photos with a better camera than my phone;-)
After allowing it to completely dry I removed the stickers, and ta-da! Oak butterflies:-) I still have to clear coat it, but I think I may add some colorful swirls or something of the sort first. I will be sure to post pictures of anything further I do, as I do it:-)

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