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Friday, November 9, 2012

Earn With Calyp!

I often promote sites I like shortly after finding them, only to get asked time and again if they are real, and if they are worth the time. Here is one I can verify myself and show you how real, and worth it, it really is!

I joined Calyp over a month ago, and immediately loved the way it works. With Calyp you choose 4 interests a day from lists on their site, and you promote them through Twitter. Unfortunately, shortly after joining I had trouble with my Twitter account and couldn't continue posting until I could regain access to Twitter. But I'm still thrilled with the results! I've been able to post from Calyp for just short of a full month, (I'm certain I've forgotten to for a day here and there.) and I'm already up to $32.60 waiting to be loaded to my Calyp card! 

I didn't even have to request the card! They wait until you're up to $25 waiting to be loaded, (They have to be sure you're sticking with them.) and then send you your card. It comes in a very plain envelope that may be mistaken for junk mail, so make sure you check for it! After you activate your card any amount you earn each month is scheduled to load to it automatically around the 10th of each month. Earning extra cash couldn't be easier, and this is a HUGE help around the holidays!

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