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Sunday, June 2, 2013

FREE Month of Redbox Instant Streaming + 4 Free Rentals!!

Are you a fan of Redbox? If you've never used it - are you a fan of Netflix?? Redbox is now combining the awesomeness of it's $1.25 rentals from over 36,000 kiosks, with the in home convenience of streaming movies straight to your laptop, smart phone, ipad, or XBox 360! They are hoping to expand to even more platforms soon too! 

Before recommending this to anyone else, I decided to try it out myself. I live in a very rural area, and my internet connection can be flaky at times... But this has worked GREAT for me for almost a full month now! My free trial will be up in a few days, and this is one of very few things I've tried that I WILL be continuing my subscription to! 

For only $8 a month after the free trial, you get unlimited access to the streaming movies (the app and site are VERY easy to navigate too!), AND you get 4 free rental credits each month! I normally rent from Redbox each month anyhow, so for 4 movies at $1.25 each, plus tax, I would spend over $5 a month anyhow. For a couple extra dollars there are so many other movies I can watch, and the option to toss on some headphones and watch a movie from my phone or ipad when the husband is hogging the TV is a huge plus;-) 

Even if you find this isn't for you, it is VERY simple to unsubscribe! It takes a matter of seconds, and you don't have to call and argue with anyone about why you'd like to unsubscribe. A HUGE plus now a days... Lol! When you sign into the site it even tells you how long you have until you are billed again, so you don't forget or lose track of when your trial is up or your bill is due:-)

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