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Friday, January 6, 2012

DON'T Try Saving With Savemore!

I know that months ago I would have said I enjoy this site, but that was BEFORE everything they've become, and NONE of it is a change for the better! I ordered a $10 Subway Gift Card on 11/6, and a $25 Autozone Gift Card on 11/14, and have NOT received either! I spoke with someone about a week before Christmas, and they swore the Subway card had been sent, and told me they would both be resent the NEXT DAY. I STILL have NOT received a thing! So I started looking into it.... This is what they've become:

PLEASE keep in mind when reading this, that these are ONLY complaints filed WITH THE BBB. NOT every complaint Savemore has received!

Then I decided to look into their FB page. I thought, Hey, most business are happy to try and appease their customers and help them out from a public page, especially since it's open for everyone to view. I am APPALLED at the lack of care, the sarcastic attitude, and the complete neglect to care what anyone is posting. I'm adding a few of my "favorite" examples, but please, check them out here: SaveMore On Facebook Be sure to browse the endless list of complaints before you ever think about wasting your time and money on this site. 

1: How does CVS not know they are "working with Savemore" to provide this deal?

2: No Savemore, thank you for your continuous, obvious sarcasm and poor attitude. PS - I enjoy the way you only argue being a "complete scam", and without even offering anything to back yourself up. EVER. She made it clear she received other purchases, as many of us did. Congrats on only being a partial scam.

3: Waiting on what? Shouldn't you have HAD what you're trying to sell? PS - I've received useless emails like these. They were false also.

4: It seems NO ONE gets through. I know I've been trying for the past 2 months. Never gotten through. Never gotten a call back. And I suppose I should further congratulate Savemore on completely neglecting to actually READ the post here, before replying and making their incompetence crystal clear.

5: Yay! Someone received something! Oh wait.... She didn't order just an envelope? Funny how people expect them to contain things! And this was resolved? Hmmm... Doesn't seem like it was Savemore.

6: Another item NOT received. And you're still waiting for cards to come in? Stop selling what you DON'T have! I wonder if anyone has called and asked is Barnes & Noble is actually working with Savemore? I might have to give them a call... Call it morbid curiosity. In the meantime, we can ponder the likelihood of the towels ever going out.

7: GO MELISSA! I WILL be doing the same. THANK YOU for giving everyone the heads up! I LOVE how Savemore considers this spam, yet their posts about their deals you'll never receive aren't classified as spam.... Hmmm... A lot to wonder about here... PS - Way to be polite to your "valued customer" again;-)

8: This is continued from the last picture - I can't get a screen shot as big as I would like sometimes! :-) Oh look, Savemore being an outright.... well I guess there are a number of words I could put there, but none of them is really blog-appropriate here;-)

9: This is another continuation of the last 2 pictures. If you're starting to wonder, YES, Stephani King IS my profile. See how they asked to assist me there? 6 hours ago as of my posting this? I have yet to receive ANY help;-) 


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