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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Man's Holiday Travel Survival Kit Giveaway!!

We all know that not everyone likes to travel. Too often I hear about the men in my friend's lives complaining about traveling for the holidays. So why don't we make it a little easier on them? I've put together a box full of the random goodness to keep the man in your life content when he's away from home.


The box includes:
  1. 2 Bars of Dove Men Body and Face Bars - To wash the stink of despair away when visiting the in-laws.
  2. 1 Fusion ProGlide Razor - To leave him feeling refreshed and able to take on the task of dealing with the holidays.
  3. 1 Tube of Fusion ProSeries Sensitive Face Wash - Because we know how sensitive they can get when Mom starts badgering them.
  4. 1 24 Count Bayer Advanced Aspirin - Something to kill the pain of the nagging it takes to get them moving.
  5. 2 Medium sized bottles of Body Wash - Let's face it, they have to smell nice if they're going to be joining the family at the dinner table.
  6. 1 Tylenol Precise Cream - To help with those aches and pains when Mom puts him to work on those long overdue projects she comes up with.
  7. 1 Mini First Aid Kit - To bandage up those darned paper cuts he gets pretending to be lost in the paper when your family wants to chat it up with him.
  8. 1 Small Bottle of Maalox to help keep Mom's undercooked Christmas dinner down.
  9. 1 Small Can of Shaving Cream - Because nicking himself shaving would give him one more thing to whine about.
  10. 1 Stick of Gillette Deodorant - So when your parents try to sweat the truth out of him about something embarrassing he can hold his ground - and not make a stink about it.
  11. One Pen Style Spray Off! Bug Spray - Just in case you're going somewhere warm enough for bugs this time of year!
  12. 1 10 Pack of Gas-X Soft Gels - Because Dad's got smelling up the place under control as is.
  13. 3 Things of Candy - To bribe him into getting into the car, and maybe sweeten him up a little!

DISCLAIMER: I would like to say that I do realize not all men are this whiny or cranky about traveling for the holidays, and some even enjoy it! But where is the fun in posting about that?? ;-)

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